MAE: Ship captured by Somali pirates has two Romanian citizens on board

Romanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MAE) confirmed the fact that the ship under British flag that had been captured by Somali pirates on December 28 has two Romanian citizens on board, making part of the multinational crew.

‘MAE is permanently in touch with the company that owns the ship, which is currently negotiating with the pirates, as well as with the British authorities. MAE already began the procedures to inform the families of the two citizens. We would also like to specify that publicity could prove quite noxious in these cases, with risk existing to put in danger the safety of the kidnapped citizens’, reads a release on Wednesday.

The ‘St. James Park’ ship, carrying chemical substances, had been captured on December 28 while heading to Thailand, coming from Spain, on the main shipping route for international ships. The crew is made up of people from Russia, Ukraine, Bulgaria, Romania, The Philippines, Poland, Georgia, India and Turkey. ‘St. James Park’ is the 6th ship with Romanian citizens on board captured by pirates in 2009 on the coasts of Somalia and Nigeria.

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