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Mihai Ghimpu invites Traian Basescu to pay visit to Chisinau

Interim President of the Republic of Moldova Mihai Ghimpu has extended an invitation to the Romanian President Traian Basescu to pay an working visit to Chisinau, during which the two to discuss on the creation of a common regional policy, with several states in the area to get involved.

‘I have signed an invitation, so that Traian Basescu to come to Chisinau, when he has a chance to do so. The rest of the details will be discussed via the diplomatic channels’, Mihai Ghimpu said. He also added he intended to discuss, first of all, with the Romanian head of state about Romania continuing to support the Republic of Moldova in its attempt to accede to the European Union.

Moreover, the acting President of the Republic of Moldova mentioned the necessity Romania to increase investments in his country. ‘Romanian businessmen need to enter the Moldovan market. It is very important. This would lead to a support from Romania on two fronts, political and economical, on our road to integration. The Romanian capital means European standards, the Republic of Moldova is so much striving for’, Ghimpu said.

He also added he was very interested in the coordination of the regional policy: ‘We could also discuss what I had discussed with the leader in Kiev Viktor Yushcenko and also with the President of Belarus Alexandr Lukashenko, about a regional policy. We also have Poland, which was very supportive to Moldova. Why not work together – Romania, the Republic of Moldova, Ukraine, Belarus and Poland?’

Why shouldn’t we be those states to have a common regional policy, promoting our own interests, making our own rules in the area? I believe we need to talk about all these things. If Moldova loses, the next to follow will be Ukraine and Belarus, with the situation to complicate even more in our part of the world’, Mihai Ghimpu stated.
The last visit of President Basescu to Chisinau took place in August 2008, in the context of the Russia-Georgia conflict.


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