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One cannot cut jobs with a pen (unions)

The National Education Federation (FEN) asked on Wednesday the Government to reconsider the Emergency Ordinance (OUG) no. 114/2009 on the staff cut as long as this normative act “was not discussed with the unions”.

According to a press release, FEN says that in a national system as the Education is “one cannot cut jobs with a pen” without a preliminary “competent” analysis.
“The way the Government understands to make the reform is outrageous. The FEN has and still supports the reform, but the curricular reform, the reform of the contents and the setting up of the abilities the students have to gain are primordial.

Likewise it is a must to set the qualitative level of the tuition we wish to offer the students of this countries and afterwards to establish the staff we need. One cannot start with the end, because it certainly confuses the education even more.
If made redundant, the staff would barely find another job in another field. Plus, if huge layoffs are done in education, we’ll ask ourselves who is going to teach, if not the Government has in mind to revive the communist system, with over-crowded classrooms where quality had no value at all”, the FEN the general secretary Constantin C iosu said.

Education minister Daniel Funeriu assured on Wednesday that no teaching staff, no person working in the education system would not be under the incidence of the said OUG until 31st August 2010. In a statement, the minister specified that currently ways of layoffs in the education system starting with the beginning of the 2010-2011 school year were analyzed.


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