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PM Boc gets congratulations from counterparts in France, UK, Russia and Moldova

Romanian Prime Minister Emil Boc was congratulated by his counterparts in France, UK, Russia and the Republic of Moldova on the vote of confidence that his cabinet got from Parliament on Dec. 23.

French Prime Minister Francois Fillon said he was delighted at the prospect of the cooperation with Prime Minister Boc and stressed he hoped the French-Romanian relations would ‘deepen’.
‘On the occasion of the renewal of your mandate as head of the government I want to give you the most sincere and warm congratulations. I am delighted at the prospect of cooperating with you in order to deepen the French-Romanian relations that have been boosted after the agreement on the strategic partnership between our two countries was signed.

The dynamism and diversity of our cooperation should allow the strengthening of our relations and the continuation of our dialogue on the major European and international topics’, Fillon said in a letter to Boc.
British Prime Minister Gordon Brown stressed he hoped that Premier Boc and the country he represents would work together within the European Union and he said the bilateral relations between the UK and Romania are ‘successful’.

Brown congratulated Boc on his re-appointment as prime minister and said he was happy they would continue to work together. He pointed out the EU will face a particularly challenging agenda in 2010 and he expects a collaboration with the Romanian authorities in order to obtain results in key areas such as the reform and the economic growth, the climate changes, the EU extended agenda of policies.

Brown said in his letter to Boc that he particularly appreciates the continued supporting presence of Romania in Afghanistan. Russian Premier Vladimir Putin expressed hope that Romania and the Russian Federation would work together ‘in the interest of peace’ in the future.
‘Please receive my congratulations on the occasion of your investiture as prime minister of the Romanian government. I count on a fruitful common activity regarding the development of the Russian-Romanian cooperation in several areas to the benefit of the peoples of our countries, in the interest of peace and stability on the European continent’, Putting stressed.

Republic of Moldova’s Premier Vlad Filat congratulated Boc on having got a fresh term as head of the Romanian executive. ‘On the occasion of your investiture as the prime minister of Romania, allow me to warmly congratulate you, to wish you success and important achievements in your activity.
I once again confirm the readiness of the Republic of Moldova’s government to strengthen the cooperation relations with the government of Romania and I express my firm belief that the Moldovan-Romanian relations will see a constant positive development to our citizens’ interest and benefit’, Filat said in a letter to the Romanian counterpart.


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