PM Boc: Gov’t to establish cost standards for infrastructure works

The government will introduce as of March 1, 2010 a series of cost standards for public infrastructure works, declared Prime Minister Emil Boc.

After Tuesday’s government sitting, Boc explained that the introduction of new cost regulations would be aimed at setting limits for infrastructure spending, given the wide cost differences identified between various public works of the same category.

“In line with the cost standards we need to implement from public administration to social assistance and from education to healthcare, we decided to adopt by March 1 cost regulations for whatever means infrastructure works in Romania.

For us to have a set of nationwide applicable cost standards when a reference price is established, in the limits of which the responsible entities be able to determine the correct price, and do away with situations which can be encountered today – when differences for one kilometer of road – be it a national or county road – range between one percent and 100 percent; there should no longer be such unjustified differences, like today, for roads of the same juridical classification.

Therefore, we will restrict public spending, and we’ll succeed in funneling more money to the budget through such a normative act,” said Emil Boc.

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