Projected 2010 Culture budget down 3.26 pct

The budget of the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage proposed for 2010 amounts to 689.264 million lei, down 3.26 percent from the 2009 preliminary budget execution (712.519 million lei), according to the draft state budget posted on the website of the Finance Ministry. (1 euro trades for 4.2 lei).

The total proposed budget comes to an extent of 98.8 percent from the state budget (656.3 02 million lei) and 1.2 percent from the Ministry’s own revenues. The personnel costs proposed for 2010 stand at 29.267 million lei, down 5.71 percent from the figure in the 2009 preliminary execution. Of the total, 27.367 million lei intended for personnel outlays will come from the state budget, down 4.11 percent from 2009.

In 2010, the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage will have 861 positions financed from the state budget, with a base wage fund of 14.040 million lei. In 2010, the incentive fund proposed for the Ministry of Culture from the state budget is equal to that of the year 2009, standing at 1.4 million lei, whereas vacation bonuses will be cut by 13.73 percent from 823,000 lei in 2009 to 710,000 lei in 2010.
A significant growth by 338.89 percent is registered for projects with financing from external post-accession non-reimbursable funds, specifically from 3.289 million lei in 2009 to 14,435 million lei in 2010.

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