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Sebastian Oprescu: With its policies, the gov’t cuts off civil servants from its objectives

Unless the government gives up some of its practices and policies, a great deal of disservice will be done to the state budget, chairman of the National Trade Union of Civil Servants (SNFP) Sebastian Oprescu has recently stated.

The year 2009 was, in the opinion of the unionist leader, marked by the separation of the public servants from the government’s objectives, through such measures like the excessive politicization of the public institutions, blocking the financing of the civil servants’ activity and the lay-offs operated without the employees’ rights being observed.

All these led to the amplification of the fiscal evasion, to the prosperity of the black market, to economic-financial discipline being ignored, the same as the consumer’s protection, and also to the weakening of the state authority in various fields of activity.

The National Trade Union of Civil Servants (SNFP) warned both the Romanian government and the citizens that, while the personnel is lacking, with the state institutions being under-financed, and without having the support of the population, the civil servants would not be able to fight against such phenomena they expect to affect in a severe manner the state budget, with the public administration to become thus inefficient in 2010 too.

In the context the Romanian government will continue, while relying on the same policies, to weaken the activity of the institutions, the civil servants will stage protest rallies next year, in the public interest, in order to separate themselves from the inefficiency of such governmental measures, Sebastian Oprescu also added.


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