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Trade unions pressure Gov’t to reverse job-cutting measures in education

The ‘Spiru Haret’ Education Unions Federation (FSLI) urges the government to reverse its abusive measures of cutting tens of thousands of jobs in the public pre- university education sector, said ‘Spiru Haret’ FSLI executive president Marius Nistor.

These measures are provided in Article 16 of Government Emergency Ordinance No. 114/2009 published in the Official Journal of Romania, Part I, No. 919 of December 29, 2009. Under the new Emergency Ordinance, which becomes Annex to Emergency Ordinance No. 114/2004, as of September 1, 2010 a maximum of 306,677 positions in the pre-academic education sector will be financed, by 15,000 less than at present.

“Compared with the 339,688 positions in the public pre-academic education system, for which financing was available so far according to Emergency Ordinance No. 38/2004, the maximum number of financed positions between January 1 – August 31, 2010 will be 321,677, by 18,011 jobs less and starting September 1, 2010 a maximum of 306,677 positions will be financed, with another 15,000 jobs slashed. So, an aggregate of 33,011 jobs will be axed next year,” said Marius Nistor.

The ‘Spiru Haret’ Education Unions Federation condemns the government’s attitude of adopting normative acts without consulting the social partners. “That’s how the new Labor and the new Finance Minister debut in office, delivering a direct and unjustified blow, with no previous notice, to education employees.

That’s how the new government starts its activity, in lack of transparency and in flagrant violation of the social dialogue rules, of the constitutional and legal provisions, by ignoring the Economic and Social Council which is responsible for formulating proposals on work relationships and the wage policy and for endorsing the government’s draft ordinances,’ added Nistor.

‘The ‘Spiru Haret’ Education Unions Federation takes note of the flagrant breach of the provisions of the collective bargaining contract, by failure of the representatives of the Education Ministry to meet their obligation to inform and consult with the representative union federations on the draft normative acts concerning the education system and its employees.

It would have been perfectly normal, legal and in the spirit of social dialogue to consult union federations before the enactment of job cuts, not afterwards. In conclusion, we cannot help remarking that the current government carries on the previous education policies. And Romania is far from being a European state, a rule of law state, as long as it is governed in contempt for the Constitution, the law and the rules of social dialogue,” said the Spiru Haret FSLI executive president.


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