Traian Basescu: Decision in Rosia Montana case will belong to CSAT

Romanian President Traian Basescu has recently told a TV broadcast that he was just waiting for the results of the expertise in the Rosia Montana case, with the Supreme Council for Country Defense (CSAT) to be the one to decide, in the end, what it should be done in this case.

‘I prefer right now to wait for the results of the expertise. In any case, I would not be the one to make the decision, the decision on this matter will belong to CSAT, with the expertise to be on the table at that point’, the head of the state told a broadcast aired by the OTV channel. Asked whether ‘the decision will belong to CSAT or not’, in the Rosia Montana case, Traian Basescu said ‘yes’.

The drawing up of a national strategy to capitalize the non-energy mineral resources and the reassessment of the The Rosia Montana project was among the objectives of such authorities operating in the field of mineral resources, included also with the governing programme for 2009- 2012. The Environment Minister Laszlo Borbely last week stated, at the hearings in the specialized committees of the Parliament, that the investments at Rosia Montana will not receive green light, as long as the European legislation is being broken.

‘The investments in Rosia Montana is going to materialize only if the project meets hundred percent the European norms. From my viewpoint, the legal provision are not being fully observed at this point’, Laszlo Borbely said, also adding he wanted the Environment Fund to be a transparent one and to finance such programmes promoting new, renewable energies.

Last week, Mircea Geoana too asked for explanations related to the Rosia Montana project, which is a highly controversial project, both by specialists and by the Romanian Academy. ‘It seems to me rather suspect that Mr. Boc, who under the governing programme pledged against the Rosia Montana project, suddenly became, in the latest weeks, the promoter of this controversial project. Both the Romanian Academy and the specialists seem rather puzzled by his new attitude’, M ircea Geoana said.

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