Transport Ministry to give 67 pct higher merit pay

The Transport and Infrastructure Ministry will increase the merit salary by around 67 percent in 2010, while the basic salary will go down by 1.5 percent, and the vacation bonus is to go up by 12 percent, the 2010 draft budget stipulates (1 euro= 4.2 lei).

The ministry will have funds totalling 31 million lei, to pay its 732 jobs in 2010, by 16.16 percent less compared to 2009, and the costs for the basic salaries will reach 14.74 million lei, by 1.5 percent lower than in 2009. The managing position benefits will go down by 1.44 percent, the same as the bonus fund, which is to drop by 37 percent.

Nevertheless, the merit pay has grown by 66.78 percent, up to 502,000 lei, the same as the expenses for traveling abroad, by 24.7 percent, namely up to 1.1 million lei.
Likewise, the ministry has increased the budget for consultancy and expertise by 95 percent, up to 176,000 lei.

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