157 people died in work accidents January through September, 2009

As many as 2,467 people were injured while performing work-related tasks January through September, 2009, among whom 157 were cases of occupational fatality and 2,310 were cases of temporary inability to work, according to data released on the Web site of the Ministry of Labour, Family and Social Protection.

There happened 8 accidents at work involving more than 8 persons January through September, following which 48 people were injured, 15 died. The economic sectors recording the largest figure of work accidents were: coal extraction – 213 employees, 2 died, construction of buildings – 212 accidents, 25 persons died, land and pipe transportation – 106 accidents, 14 people died, special construction works – 106 people were injured, 15 died, wood processing industry – 96 people injured, 10 died etc.

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