Emil Boc: Year 2010 better than 2009

Premier Emil Boc thinks that year 2010 will be better than 2009, despite some difficulties ahead. “We all conclude an extremely difficult economic year, maybe the most difficult in the past 60 years and, surely, the most difficult after the revolution.

We step in a year 2010 which, despite some difficulties ahead, looks better than 2009 because we will have an economic growth and together, by hard work, solidarity, rule of law, end of squandering and through our labor, of the politicians, I think we will succeed to lead Romania where every Romanian expects, namely where we have access to prosperity, to dignity, equality of treatment and to a carefree tomorrow’s day, filled with hopes”, underlined Emil Boc on Thursday, after visiting the elderly assistance center in Cluj- Napoca (north-west of Bucharest), where he offered presents to the old people there.

Emil Boc also reminded a series of measures of economic re-launch the Executive is going to adopt in the period to come. “The budget is devised as to lay the accent on the development and on sustained investments and jobs, within the given deficit limits of 5.9 percent. I want you to know that we had a deficit of 7.3 percent in 2009, and the forecast for 2010 is of 5.9 percent.

This means a lower budget than in 2009 from the deficit angle and that means we must save and end wasting money and invest more money where new jobs can be created, in infrastructure, investments and this country’s development”, emphasized Emil Boc, adding that, “apart these measures, 2010 will also bring other measures of boosting the business environment, enterprises, employers who hire jobless, so that we will value the economic growth of 1.3 percent as provided by the budget, also agreed with the International Monetary Fund, the European Commission, the World Bank, first of all set to save jobs and secure the country’s modernization”, explained Premier Emil Boc on Thursday, in Cluj-Napoca.

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