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Excise taxes on cigarettes, fuels and electricity up as of Jan. 1

Excise taxes on cigarettes, unleaded gas, diesel and electricity used for commercial purposes will rise as of January 1, 2010; excise figures will be higher also as a result of their being calculated for a euro/leu exchange rate by some 14 percent higher in comparison with 2009.

Starting January 1, the excise tax for cigarettes will be of 74 euros per 1,000 cigarettes, up from 64 euros for 1,000 cigarettes at the end of 2009. The government decided to apply the rise in the tobacco excise tax starting January 1, 2010 , providing a specific excise of 48.5 euros and an ad valorem tax of 22 percent. “The new structure was discussed with the business circles and cigarette manufacturers. It provides a specific excise of 48.5 euros and an ad valorem tax of 22 percent, resulting in a total excise of 74 euros per 1,000 cigarettes,” explained Secretary of State with the Public Finance Ministry Gratie la Iordache.

In 2009, excise taxes on cigarettes were twice increased ahead of the initial schedule, in April and September by seven euros each time from 50 euros per 1,000 cigarettes to 64 euros per 1,000 cigarettes. Excise taxes in 2010 will be calculated for an exchange rate of 4.2688 lei per euro, announced on October 1, 2009 by the National Bank of Romania, up 14 percent from the 3.7364 lei/euro a year ago used to calculate excise taxes in 2009.

According to the Tax Code, the excise tax on unleaded gas will be raised from 436 euros to 452 euros/ton, that for diesel will rise from 336 euros to 347 euros per ton and the excise tax on electricity used for commercial purposes will go up from 0.42 euros to 0.5 euros/MWh.


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