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Geographically differentiated pays for teaching staff starting Jan. 1

A geographically differentiated pay scheme will be introduced for teaching staff beginning January 1, under a recently adopted government decision.

The government approved on December 23 a Decision on the differentiated pay, by geographic areas and localities, of qualified teaching staff, in accordance with Law 330/2009.

‘The differentiation by areas and remote locations will stand at a maximum of 20 pct and will take effect on January 1, 2010. The purpose of this decision is to motivate the teachers in the isolated rural areas of Romania,’ said government spokesperson Ioana Muntean, who explained that the measure was discussed with the sector’s trade unions.

According to an Emergency Ordinance published on December 29 in the Official Journal, the maximum number of financed positions in the pre-university public education sector will decrease in 2010 by 15,000 from 321,677 between January – August, to 306,677 between September – December.

Oana Badea, Secretary of State for pre-university education with the Ministry of Education, Research, Youth and Sports, on December 29 gave assurances that “nothing will happen during the current school year and people will not be fired,” adding that the 15,000 persons to be made redundant in the system are not qualified teaching staff, but substitute teachers whose contracts are running to end. Badea said that unskilled staff, the pensioners, the staff working under an extended contract and ancillary personnel will be replaced with qualified teachers.


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