Name day celebration for over 600,000 Romanians on St. Basil feast

Over 600,000 Romanians celebrate name day on the feast of St. Basil the Great. Of the 616,160 feted Romanians, 525,490 are men and 90,670 women, according to a release of the Ministry of Administration and the Interior.

Available nationwide statistics show that most Romanian women having St. Basil as their spiritual patron bear the name of Vasilica (86,880), Vasilca (2180), Sica (627) and Vasila (983). Of men, 504,227 bear the name of Vasile, in reverence to the great Archbishop of Caesarea, and 20,032 bear the diminutive form of Vasilica. Fewer are named Vasilache (29), Silica (235), Sile (429), Vasile (67), Sica (421).


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