New Year’s Party at Opera House

Bucharest Opera House (ONB) continues the tradition of organizing a special evening on New Year’s Eve, and the classic music lovers can enjoy the performance of the Fledermaus (the Bat) operette by Johann Strauss, a production (scenography and direction) of the famous Covent Garden Theater, and conducted by Vlad Conta.
The tenor Alfredo Pascu (starring Eisenstein) will be the special guest of the evening.

Also performing will be ONB artists such as Crina Zancu (Rosalinda – debut), Paul Basacopol (Franck), Mihaela Ispan (Orlofsky – debut), Ionut Pascu (Falke), Vasile Chisiu (Blind – debut), Mihaela Stanciu (Adela), Cristina Eremia (Ida), along with ballet dancers and soloists like Monica Petrica, Bianca Stoicheciu and Bogdan Canila.
The orchestra and the choir trained and conducted by Maestro Stelian Olariu and the ballet ensemble also contributed to show’s success.


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