Premier to sign with parties Pact on stability in public sector jobs

Premier Emil Boc announced on Thursday, in Cluj-Napoca (north-west of Bucharest), that at the same time with the devolution process a stability in the public sector jobs will set in, without any political influences, and that, as soon as the new year starts, he will hold talks with the political parties in order to sign a Pact on stability in the public sector professional jobs.

“Through the decentralization process, the devolved institutions will be transferred to the county level. They will enter prerogatives of the mayor, the president of the county council to make designations and to select most appropriate people for these jobs. Gradually, the center’s role in the nomination of the devolved institution head will disappear and the role of local authorities will increase. (…)

I will submit to all political parties a pact on stability in the public sector jobs, to be signed by all parliamentary parties, set to establish once at for all the extent to which political appointments are made and the level where career civil servants starts.

This document must be signed and I will start talks, immediately after the New Year, with the political leaders, very serious and honest talks, with all cards laid on the table”, said Emil Boc, who added that the parties have two years and a half till the next elections, so that all these things can be debate quietly, in the aim to be observed by all, irrespective the parties at rule, or in opposition.

Emil Boc said that so far all the ruling parties were wrong as regards the political changes operated in the public institutions after having taken the power. “We have all made this mistake – both us and those ahead of us, said Boc. To change every civil servant from the doorman till the minister, when next administration is elected, I believe it is the biggest mistake and a disaster for us all.
I repeat, we are all guilty for this situation”, underlined Emil Boc, adding that “the political level must be politically assumed and below that level stability must be installed in the public sector”.

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