Unitary wage law in public sector to be enacted on Jan. 1, 2010

The unitary wage law in public sector will be enacted on Jan. 1, 2010, in the main aim to eliminate the inflated wages in this sector.

Premier Emil Boc stated recently that at the same time with this law enforcement no member of the teaching staff or from other category will be affected by an income reduction or bonuses reduction and after Jan. 1, 2010 no wage or income diminution will occur compared to 2009. The Government’s head explained that these statements are made following some rumours according to which after the enactment of the unitary wage law in the public sector the teaching staff will see an income cut of 40 percent.

“I said that because I saw numerous declarations according to which, after the law is enacted, in three days, professors will have an income 40 percent less. False, not true. This will not happen. Professors will not suffer any income cut. The same, it was said that since Jan. 2010 professors will have 40 percent less income compared to now.

False, this will not happen, but according to the unitary wage law professors in the pre-university education benefit of a more accelerated increase of wages, above the average, of 56 percent, as it is per system, in the period of application and implementation of the unitary wage law”, stressed Boc.

At the social level, according to the Stand-By Agreement, Romania must cut its budget deficit by reducing the weight of wage spending in the public sector, must drawn up a unitary wage law providing bonuses not higher than 30 percent from the basic wage, has to adopt a pensions law through which it will eliminate the special pensions, as well as a law on fiscal responsibility.

The Unitary wage law, the Education law and the Law on the reorganization of state enterprises made the object of Government assuming responsibility in the Parliament in September. The trade unions challenged this law package with the Constitutional Court, discontent that the wage grid was changed. The court pronounced on the Unitary wage law and on the one on the reorganization of state enterprises, normative acts enacted on Nov. 1. The Unitary pension law is still in the Parliament.

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