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Romanian citizens being turned into welfare claimants – unions

The minimum wage in the economy has remained below the level of a welfare claimant, given that the minimum value granted to social assistants for raising a child is of 21,000 lei a year, i.e. 1,700 lei per month, considers the CNS Cartel ALFA trade union’s Confederate Committee.

“It is an amount established by using European regulations that impose the granting of a minimum sum according to the welfare claimant’s needs. We cannot see the reason why the minimum wage in the economy should remain below the level of such a welfare claimant”, CNS Cartel Alfa president Bogdan Iuliu Hossu said.
He added that the incoherence of the governmental document is proven by the failure to understand that the salary that an employed gets should be higher than the income set for a welfare claimant.

“By willingly maintaining the minimum wage at the bottom level of subsistence, the Government does nothing else than willingly maintaining a part of Romanian citizens below the level of socially assisted persons given that the salaried person needs to ensure from his wage a minimum necessary for his and his family’s daily subsistence” Hossu stated.

If the government continues to adopt without any consideration chaotic measures that are dramatically reflected on the citizens’ life and living, Cartel ALFA Confederate Committee draws the executive’s attention that this would only trigger a series of protests of the people that are presently helplessly witnessing the adoption of such chaotic measures.

Likewise, the CNS Committee asks the Government to analyze with great care all the adopted welfare measures, to stop the chaos of contradictory measures, to apply transparency, dialogue and to cooperate with the social partners, if they want to avoid open conflicts.


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