Center for European Projects at Babes-Bolyai University

Deputy dean of the School for European Studies of Babes¬Bolyai University (UBB), in Cluj-Napoca (center north-west), Nicolae Paun told that, starting with 2010-2011 university year, a Center for European Projects will be open with this higher education institution.

“A large university, as UBB, with its outstanding prestige and a very high qualified expertise, should be open to the communities, (…), based on a public-private partnership, set to educate the graduates to accumulate as many as new skills”, said professor Nicolae Paun. Of the 400 young Romanians working in the European Parliament, 70 are graduates of Babes¬Bolyai University and 50 of the School for European Studies. The highest dignities in the community administration are occupied by UBB teaching staff, documentation experts or UBB graduates”, underlined Nicolae Paun.

He noted that the strategic research plan of the University School for European Studies includes “European studies”, “International relations” and “American and Trans-Atlantic studies”.

Research topics are aimed at, among others, the European cultural models and institutions updating from the European governance prospect, international relations status, in the context of political change and economic globalization, history of Holocaust, analysis of extremism and populism, the liberal-democratic model study of the American society as a regional and global model, the Euro-Atlantic partnership, as well as the Euro-Atlantic relations from the prospect of western and eastern cultures.

At the same time, the School for European Studies signed contracts set to cover the bilateral exchanges of students and teaching staff in the framework of ERASMUS Programme, with almost 40 similar European institutions, including the universities in Salzburg (Austria, Brussels, Aachen and Bremen (Germany), Barcelona and Valencia (Spain), Bordeaux (France), Milan, Brescia and Pisa (Italy) etc.

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