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Cosul Taranesc (Rustic Basket) with eco produce delivered at home

The Agroecologica Association will first launch on Tuesday, February 2, in Cluj-Napoca (central Romania), an original weekly distribution system of farm produce directly to consumers’ home, the service also bearing an attractive name – Cosul Taranesc (Rustic Basket) – which makes it quite particular in the local trade.

The group of farmers that launch this distribution system is, at the same time, the first one in Romania that started making ecological agriculture, in 1994, the Agroecologica Association being established by students and professors of the Agricultural Sciences and Veterinary Medicine University, among whom current European Commissioner for Agriculture and Rural Development Dacian Ciolos, University Reader and, at the same time, farmer Avram Fitiup, Professor Ioan Drocas and farmer Vasile Bodea.

Currently, Agroecologia comprises 154 members, their majority being certified farmers for bio and ecological cultures or attested for the traditional produce they prepare and trade.
According to the association’s representatives, Cosul Taranesc is a “fair distribution system for ecological and traditional produce,” based on subscription, that aims at transforming “the consumer into a player responsible for his/her purchase and for its consequences.”

The producers of apple, apple juice, buckthorn and buckthorn syrup, home-made jam, vegetables, cheese, pressed cheese, sausages, bacon, thick sausage, home-made pastas, apicultural products, cookies and fine wines are from Cluj County and from the surrounding ones. The “ecological” mark differentiates all these produce from the conventional ones traded in Romania, nowadays.
The Cosul Taranesc system will be managed by an operational team that will make subscriptions for consumers, take their orders, passing on these orders to farmers. The same team will take over the merchandise from the producers and deliver it to the subscribers’ homes.


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