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December 21 Assn. officials meet Belgium ambassador Roland

Representatives of the December 21, 1989 revolutionaries’ association on Monday met Belgium’s ambassador in Bucharest Philippe Roland to discuss the case of Belgian journalist Danny Huwe, who was killed on December 25, 1989 at the intersection of Razoare Street and Timisoara Boulevard in Bucharest City.

‘This was our first contact with the Belgian Embassy in Bucharest. We introduced to the Belgian ambassador data and information from the Revolution files that we came across among the so-called classified documents with the Prosecution Office, which were hidden evidence for twenty years because of the Revolution.
We asked the ambassador to forward the documents to the family of the Belgian journalist who was killed in December 1989,’ says Antonie Popescu, lawyer of the December 21, 1989 Association before the European Court for Human Rights.

He says the journalist’s family will notify the judicial powers for a reaction. ‘We will see what powers and when,’ says Popescu. Popescu thanked ambassador Roland for his interest in and rapid reaction to the case. Popescu argues that Huwe’s death was no accident. ‘There are signs to suggest that he was not shot by terrorists, but by a fire coming from within a military base,’ said Popescu. He mentioned that documents with the Prosecution Office say the Belgian Embassy was turned in the video camera of the late journalist.

Popescu claims that three journalists were killed and five injured in December 1989 and that the National Defence Ministry has so far turned over 57 of 108 volumes of December 1989 Revolution files.
Chairman of the December 21, 1989 Association Teodor Maries started a hunger strike on January 12 to protest at what he calls ‘procrastination’ in the finalisation of the turn over of official documents concerning the December 1989 Revolution and the June 13-15, 1990 violent miners’ riots staged in Bucharest as well as the failure to meet the demands of the Romanian society that were claimed as national priorities back in the Revolution days.


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