Duty-free shops to stop selling cigarettes and spirits

Duty-free shops will no longer sell cigarettes, Minister for Administration and Home Affairs Vasile Blaga said on Monday after an activity report session of the Border Police.

He said the Finance Ministry will release a note at the Government meeting on Friday in which the Government will be informed about a series of proposals that ban cigarette retailing at duty-free shops in an attempt to combat cigarette counterfeiting. ‘This legislative measure is meant to help the Border Police.

The Finance Ministry will present a note to the Government on Friday introducing to them a series of suggestions that we have discussed with the National Police and all the measures we are contemplating regard banning the selling of cigarettes and spirits by duty-free shops.
This measure can be taken easily under a ministerial order. Just a look at how many packs of cigarettes Romanians travelling abroad carry along will reveal that anyone from one-month old infants to white bearded men all carry many boxes of cigarettes and that is something that must be contained,’ said Blaga.

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