Equestrian facility in Bucharest at Tei Toboc

The Lakes, Parks and Leisure Administration (ALPAB) plans to build an equestrian facility on a 3,000-4,000 square-metre area, situated in Tei-Toboc region (east of Bucharest) in 2010, announced Radu Popa, the Administration’s general director, on Monday, while presenting the 2009 activity report.

Popa also stated that there were increasingly more abandoned horses in Bucharest, which were moved to the area under the ALPAB management, and two of them were currently under treatment and cared for. ‘The main objective of our project is support for horses abandoned in the streets, under a partnership we wish to expand with a non-governmental organisation in this line of business.

We already have 20 horses under our care, in a barn located in Tei-Toboc and we want to build, at minimum costs, an equestrian facility in order to give inhabitants of Bucharest the opportunity of experiencing relaxation. The citizens may come here to ride if the project wins support,’ Popa explained. He added that a recent decision draft by municipal councillours’ on getting veterinary offices engaged into sterilising stray dogs could be also extended to include horses.

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  1. dan chisu spune

    we can use horse for meat. no need to shelter them.

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