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Iulian Fota: We need national security industry

Romania‘s defence industry must be turned into a national security industry, based on peak knowledge and advanced technologies, presidential counsellor for national security questions Iulian Fota said in an interview with daily Bursa.

In his opinion, the Romanian army’s endowment must be a major concern, being required to guarantee national security. Romania needs a clear plan in the medium and the long run, starting from the army’s real needs. At the same time, Fota believes that the army’s endowment plan must be very responsible and rational, in accordance with the available financial resources.

‘The state is duty bound to spend the money in an efficient and responsible way,’ the presidential counsellor stressed. He reminded readers that the national industry had lately offered several technologically advanced products, many of them also compatible for export, a field which should be constantly supported.
‘We do not only need good carriers, we also need advanced systems and solutions that should guarantee the cybernetic security, the energy one or help us achieve the protection of the critical infrastructure,’ Iulian Fota said.

Romania badly needs the National Intelligence Community (CNI), the presidential counsellor believes. ‘We must start, above all, from the prerequisite that we are not such a very rich country, so that we should ignore the idea of a community, exactly as we are not a country availing of so many intellectual or information resources that our intelligence services should not cooperate. As a matter of fact, CNI is a way of coordinating efforts.

CNI is no different intelligence service, because it has no agents of its own, and it does not collect any information. Practically speaking, as a decision maker, I do not have to be sent ten envelopes by several institutions, and decide which is the best. It is a structure specialized in integrated analysis, which correlates and coordinates the institutions’ activity, that has to do it. This is also the role a national plan of intelligence priorities must play,’ Fota explained.

When asked about the applicability of the newly launched “Smart Nation” concept in Romania, the dignitary answered that “the future belongs to the society of knowledge and not to some flag or another.” As we live in an era of knowledge, it is very important to outline a clear image and a precise list of the competent people, and in which fields they can be useful to the state.

Likewise, it is very important to Romania to re-discover and understand what a specialist and a competent person mean. ‘It seems to me that we have forgotten that the difference between the powerful and the weak countries is made, today, in terms of knowledge management. We need a ‘smart Romania,’ a country wherein we should have a clear map of the intelligent minds and the competence we have,’ Fota concluded.

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