Minister Predoiu, ambassador van Cool discuss prospects for Romania’s judiciary

Romanian Justice Minister Catalin Predoiu on Monday met Dutch ambassador in Bucharest Tanya van Gool to discuss the 2010 prospects for Romania’s judiciary in relation to Romania meeting the commitments pledged under the EU’s Mechanism for Cooperation and Verification.

The Justice Ministry reports in a press release issued on Monday that van Gool asked about the latest developments in Romania’s drawing up its law codes, impact studies and the laws implementing the codes as well as the amendment of Romania’s Constitution. Predoiu and van Gool are also said to have discussed solutions for the public pension law, speeding up legal procedures and bilateral judicial cooperation.

The visit of Dutch Justice Minister Hirsch Ballin, scheduled for the second part of 2010, was also approached. ‘The Dutch official inquired into the conclusions of a recent visit by Minister Predoiu to Moldova, and Minister Predoiu underscored that the establishment of a National Citizenship Authority in Romania is aimed at satisfying the rights established under the Citizenship Law,’ reads the release.

Ambassador van Gool is said to have underscored the constant support of the Netherlands to Romania’s efforts to improve efficiency in its judiciary and announced that Dutch assistance programmes will start this year for the Supreme Council of Magistrates (CSM) and National Magistracy Institute (INM).


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