Winter landscape by Luchian auctioned for 200,000 lei

Winter landscape by the famous Romanian painter Stefan Luchian (1868-1917) was bid 200,000 lei namely almost 50,000 euros for, in the GoldArt House auction, on Sunday Jan. 31, House’s director Luminita Ghildus told.

Luchian’s Winter landscape was the best auctioned of the 113 paintings the GoldArt House put up, on the occasion. Old Men with Hat by Rudolf Schweitzer Cumpana (1886-1975), Trees in Blossom by Arthur Verona (1868-1946), were other well auctioned paintings, on the occasion, when each was bid 12,000 lei for, and Still Life with Fruit by Octavian Bancila (1872-1944) was sold for 7,500 lei.

GoldArt’s next auction due on Feb 14 is to put up Landscape in Iasi by Theodor Pallady (1871-1956), expected to be bid about 40,000 euro for. Flori by Octav Bancila is another valuable painting expected to be sold for 5,000 euros, at the auction on Feb. 14.

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