Emil Boc: Representation of minorities in Parliament must be preserved in future electoral law

National minorities must be represented in Parliament in keeping with the current constitutional provisions and their representation must not be affected by the changes to be made in the electoral law, Premier Emil Boc told a broadcast on the public radio station on Tuesday.

“As for the rights of the national minorities we have a constitutional provision that ensures the representation of minorities in Parliament. It is something we have won and I think it must be further preserved, also considering the electoral law that will come,” said Emil Boc.

In his capacity as chairman of the Democratic Liberal Party, Emil Boc reiterated the fact that the Democrat Liberals would support the adoption of the statutes of the national minorities in the current parliamentary session, in keeping with the European regulations in this field. At present there are 18 members of the group of the national minorities different from the Hungarian one in Parliament.

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