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Government’s economic priorities: ‘First Home’ program, change of minimum tax legislation

Changing the legislation on the minimum tax by transforming it into a lump sum tax and continuing the ‘ First Home’ program are the economic priorities set forth in the government’s legislative program Prime Minister Emil Boc presented on Tuesday in the plenary meeting of the Chamber of Deputies.

“By mid February we will have the normative act worked out, to then refer it to Parliament for approval, for the First Home program to continue on one hand, and on the other hand, for it to be redirected with added impetus towards new residences, housing for youth, residences built by the National Housing Agency in partnership with local authorities,” said the Prime Minister.

Emil Boc stressed that 14,000 applications have been approved so far for housing made available under this program, and that government guarantees reached EUR 595 million. Boc said that 48 percent of the applications were for two-room apartments, 22.96 percent for three-room apartments, 14.87 percent were for studios and 3.57 percent for houses and land plots.

The Premier mentioned that 71.38 percent of the purchased properties were built before December 2007. By geographical distribution, Bucharesters account for 31 percent of the total approved applications, followed by applicants from the counties of Cluj, Timis, Ilfov, Iasi, Brasov and Sibiu.


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