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Iulian Urban (PD-L) suggests all journalists hand in declarations of interests

The Democrat Liberal senator Iulian Urban suggests amending the law on the organization and functioning of the National Integrity Agency (ANI): all journalists should have to hand in declarations of interests.

“I do not see why journalists, opinion makers, people who work in the public space would not be willing to make these declarations if we refer to making journalistic activity transparent in Romania,” said the senator of the Democratic Liberal Party (PD-L) on Tuesday. In his opinion one cannot speak of this professional category declaring their wealth, considering the fact that journalists are paid out of private money, but the declarations of interests are useful as they might become one more guarantee for the press consumer.

“Declarations of interests would be quite welcome as long as we had a number of suspicions, the election campaign especially of late has revealed all kinds of strange things, all kinds of people who are on various boards of directors, work with some companies, who have all kinds of interests, who support one group of a party against another one, one party against another one. A declaration of interests does not harm anybody and, currently, in Romania, it would be one more guarantee for the press consumer,” said Urban.

He made it clear that, according to the ANI law, the declarations of interests are handed in to the head of the human resources department and are posted on the site of the institution, in the case of journalists, on the Internet pages of the newspapers they work with. “If the amendment is approved, we might wee a renewal of Romanian journalism,” opined Urban, who made it clear that the Senate was a decision-making chamber for the amended draft law.

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