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Justice Ministry: Secretary of State Rodica Constantinovici meets Spanish Ambassador in Bucharest

Secretary of State with the Justice Ministry Rodica Constantinovici and Ambassador of the Kingdom of Spain in Bucharest Estanislao de Grandes Pascual on Tuesday attended the consultative meeting for the project “Assistance to improve the draft normative act for judicial remedies applicable for unreasonable length of civil and criminal proceedings.’

The project is financed from European funds and is carried out in partnership with Spain’s General Judicial Council, informs a release of the Justice Ministry.
“Excessive length of judicial proceedings has been and continues to be a cause for Romania’s condemnation in the European Court of Human Rights (…) Therefore, for the Ministry of Justice, this is an important project whereby we plan to ensure at domestic level an effective remedy for speeding up court proceedings or the compensation of the side affected by the unreasonable length of such procedures.

We hope that, together with our Spanish partners with whom we worked extremely well in other projects as well, we find the best solutions to transpose our intentions into a draft legislative act,” said Rodica Constantinovici. The Secretary of State also reaffirmed the Romanian officials’ commitment towards sustaining at EU level Spain’s approaches in the line of justice and home affairs.

In his turn, the Ambassador of the Kingdom of Spain in Bucharest, Estanislao de Grandes Pascual, emphasized the good cooperation between the Ministries of Justice of the two countries and appreciated the remarkable efforts of the Romanian Ministry of Justice to continue reform of the judiciary.
In January, Justice Minister Catalin Predoiu had a working meeting in Madrid with his Spanish counterpart Francisco Caamańo Domínguez, during which they tackled issues related to cooperation between the two Ministries, the Spanish trade registration system, the Cooperation and Verification Mechanism and the JHA agenda.


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