Marko Bela deems minorities’ statute should be finalized in current parliamentary session

Chairman of the Hungarian Democratic Union of Romania (UDMR) (parliamentary, power-sharing party) Marko Bela deems that “it would be quite normal” for the law on national minorities to be completed in the current parliamentary session, after the draft normative act has been collecting the dust for almost four years now.

“We must get this project out of the drawer and resume debates on this act which is required not only by us [UDMR], but also by the minorities’ group in the Chamber of Deputies, Marko Bela on Tuesday told at a press conference. “We agreed [with PD-L] to pass the law through Parliament in the current session and considering that we have been discussing this law for years, it is just very natural to finalize the law in this session,’ mentioned Marko Bela.

“In principle we agreed to take the project tabled in Parliament, which is anyway the result of a compromise,” he added. Prime Minister Emil Boc announced that the bill on the statute of national minorities is a legislative priority of the government for the current parliamentary session.

“The bill on the statute of national minorities must be adopted in compliance with the recommendations of the Venice Commission, under observance of European standards and of the Constitution of Romania, of course.
This can be done and it lies in our capacity, of the Chamber of Deputies, as decision-making body, to adopt this extremely important bill of broad democratic inspiration in the current parliamentary session,” Emil Boc told the plenary meeting of the Chamber of Deputies during the presentation of the priorities of the ruling line-up under his heading.

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