Natural gas price to rise for consumers, GDF SUEZ Romania announces

GDF SUEZ Energy Romania, the former Distrigaz South, one of the most important natural gas supplier on the local market says that the consumers will pay more for the natural, over the time span ahead, because the Company increased the imports, the Ziarul financiar informs on Tuesday.

The natural gas supplier grew the imports to cover its clients’ consumption demand that went up abruptly because of the extremely low temperatures, late in January. The natural gas prices will grow as the imported gas cost twice higher than the local one.

‘GDF SUEZ Energy Romania raised four times the natural gas imports, after the frost wave, the imports representing 33 percent of the total, at the national level, and the operation required additional costs and will bring about a rise in the bills, during the immediately coming period,’ GDF SUEZ officials said. According to them, the Company supplied about 24 million cu.m methane, daily, during those extremely cold days, compares to 16 million cu.m. as it usually supplies over the period.


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