Nelu Iordache tops local road builders

Romstrade Company based in Giurgiu (south of Bucharest), whose main shareholder is businessman Nelu Iordache, currently tops the local road building market and is the first that exceeded the ceiling of 300 million euros, thank to the many agreements on infrastructure it signed with the state, the Ziarul financiar reads on Tuesday.

Thus Romstrade scoring a turnover worth 265 million euros in 2009, tops Hidroconstructia that was ranking the first, over the past ten years. Iordache succeeded to top other Romanian road builders, known as the ‘ asphalt kings’, like Dorinel Umbrarescu (Spedition UMB), Theodor Berna (Tehnologica Radion), Dan Besciu, the owner of Euro Construct Trading ’98, but also foreign companies like Strabag, Austria, Bechtel, US, Colas, France, or Astaldi, Italy.

Iordache joined the big league of the kings of the asphalt, in 2007, when Romania’s Transport Minister used to be Liberal Ludovic Orban. Romstrade earned a turnover almost 200 million euros, that year. The Company expects a growth worth at least 15-20 percent higher, namely up to 380 million euros, in 2010.

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