PD-L, UDMR to discuss minorities law next week

Leaders of the ruling partners Democratic Liberal Party (PD-L) and Hungarian Democratic Union of Romania (UDMR) decided during a meeting of the ruling coalition on Monday to initiate a gathering where the national minorities law is to be analyzed and a first such meeting will most likely be held during the next week.

“We established that we will discuss on such project as we took upon ourselves within the coalition to adopt this law. There is a project of the Justice and Truth Alliance (D.A. Alliance) and of UDMR which is known, including by the Democrat Party representatives. It was the Government’s initiative. We also requested at that time the point of view of the Venice Commission. (…)

After this commission’s report, we made some amendments to that project in order to make it consistent with all the needs. From this point of view, the project is ready, but a few years have passed and we must revise the project a little and then try to unlock it in the Parliament”, Culture and National Patrimony Minister Hunor Kelemen told. He also added that the ruling coalition leaders discussed about the initiation of a meeting where the impact of the anti-downturn measures promoted in 2009 should be discussed.

“There were a few measures that must be re-thought, including the lump-sum tax which either must be reduced or canceled. We must analyze all that happened last year and the impact it had. We will release the Old Car scrappage programme within a few days, both for cars and for tractors (…) and, of course, there are also other measures”, Hunor added.

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