PM Boc: Unicameral Parliament as of 2012

Romania will switch to unicameral Parliament in 2012, after the mandate of the current lawmaking body runs to end, but steps in this regard should be taken beginning right now, Prime Minister Emil Boc on Monday told Romania Actualitati public radio station.

“The Constitution clearly states that such a law can be applied starting with the next elections. When we hold elections for the next Parliament, in 2012, we will have a unicameral Parliament, with 300 instead of 471 MPs,’ said Emil Boc. He added that the current Parliament would continue its activity until the end of the mandate.

“We must take the necessary steps now for elections be held then [in 2012] for a unicameral Parliament. If we do not act now, it’s obvious that all sorts of reasons will be raised then,” added the Premier. Premier Emil Boc presented the Senate and the Chamber of Deputies the government’s priorities that include the introduction of the unicameral lawmaking body and downsizing the number of MPs, according to the outcomes of the referendum last year.

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