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President Basescu to address Lower House on Romania’s participation in Afghanistan operations

A letter President Traian Basescu referred to the leadership of the Chamber of Deputies on Romania‘s participation with military forces in the theaters of operation in Afghanistan will be read Tuesday in the plenary meeting of the house.

“From the judicial perspective, the letter must be read in the plenary meeting of the Chamber of Deputies, to observe the procedure,” secretary Valeriu Zgonea declared at the end of the meeting of the Standing Bureau. According to Chamber Speaker Roberta Anastase, the President’s letter will be read in Parliament on Tuesday.

In the document, President Traian Basescu remarks that following the undertaken commitments, Romania will continue in 2010 to contribute troops to missions abroad, in theaters of operation in the Balkans and Afghanistan, participating in missions under NATO, UN and EU mandate.
“For Romania, the participation in these missions is a favorable opportunity to prove solidarity with the Allies and continue the policy of asserting itself as a responsible member of the international community,” underscored Traian Basescu.

‘The personnel dispatched on missions outside the national territory will have the necessary technical equipment and armament to carry out the tasks specific to each theater of operations,’ the letter also reads. The President mentions that the funding for these missions is ensured from the budget earmarked to the Ministry of National Defense in 2010 and the government’s reserve fund.

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