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Romania to participate with troops in operation theaters in the Balkans and Afghanistan in 2010, too

Chamber of Deputies Speaker Roberta Anastase, in the plenary sitting on Tuesday, was reading President Traian Basescu‘s letter on Romania‘s participation with troops in the operation theaters in Afghanistan.

Romania‘s President, says in his letter, that in 2010, as a result of the commitments Romania assumed, our country will continue participating with forces in the missions outside its national territory, in the operation theaters in the Balkans and Afghanistan, in the actions under the NATO, the UN and the EU mandate. ‘The participation in these missions represents for our country a good opportunity to show its solidarity with the Allies, and to continue its policy of affirmation as a responsible member of the international community.

The troops participating in the missions outside the national territory will enjoy the required technical equipment and armament to fulfill the missions specific to each operation theater,’ the letter reads. President Basescu also mentions that the money the missions need is supplied from the National Defence Ministry’s budget for the year 2010, and the Government’s Reserve Fund. According to the appendix to the letter, 203 military are to attend collective defense missions, 2,064 in peace keeping and 75 in individual surveillance and monitoring missions.

As many as 236 Romanian military will participate in the missions in the Balkans, 1.797 in Afghanistan and 20 in Iraq. The appendix also says that except the military in the operation theaters, the stand-by deployable forces total 1,411 people, 811 of them under NATO’s command, 171 under the EU command, 189 headed by the UN and 240 are strategic reserves.

Romania’s Supreme Council of National Defence in its first meeting in 2010, taking place on Jan 21, approved the forces in the operation theaters in Afghanistan to be supplemented with 600 military, their maximum number may reach 1,798. Thus, in 2010, Romania’s Army may attend missions, outside the state borders with 3,753 military, out of whom 2,342 deployed forces and 1,411 stand-by military.

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