Romania will be part of Danube Strategy

The Danube will benefit from a development strategy for its riparian countries, beginning with 2011, according to the Ministry of the Environment and Forestry (MMP).
Laszlo Borbely, Environment and Forestry Minister, was the head of the Romanian delegation at the Conference on the European Union’s Strategy for the Danube Region, which took place at Ulm, Germany, on February 1-2.

Ministers from the Danube riparian countries, the European Commission and the European Parliament representatives participated in this event. “In 2008, Austria and Romania took the necessary actions, which the Council of Europe made official in June 2008, in order to have a Danube strategy. I also signed two agreements, in my capacity as Minister of Development, with my counterparts in Hungary and Bulgaria to support this strategy, in 2008,” the Minister of the Environment told this conference.

The strategy will be adopted in 2011, when Hungary holds the EU Presidency, and it will aim to tackle the cohesion and financial issues, as well as carry out actions meant to develop cooperation links in the environment protection field, beyond the administrative borders. Minister Laszlo Borbely underlined that “the Danube Strategy will give us the chance of capitalizing the European Union’s policies opportunities in all fields. That is why the EU Strategy for the Danube Region is a governmental priority for Romania.”

The conference at Ulm opened up the public consultations process launched by the European Commission on the EU Strategy for the Danube Region, in which all Danube riparian states are invited to take part. Within the consultation process, the European Commission will organize, in the Danube riparian member states, a number of thematic conferences with all relevant stakeholders, that is national, local and regional public administration representatives, but also private sector representatives.
Romania will host the last conference on the EU Strategy for the Danube Region, which will take place in Constanta (south-eastern Romania) in June 2010.

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