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Social initiative fund destined to low income pensioners

The Government is to draft a normative act for the setting up of a social initiative fund, to be used for financial aid to pensioners with the lowest income and set to enter debates in April, announced on Monday, in the Senate’s plenary, Premier Emil Boc.

As for the social measures, the Prime Minister said that a normative act will be adopted, based on which the minimum social pension of 350 lei will be indexed according to the inflation rate. The Premier also announced that the Government gets ready a draft law on the education services and day care for children, to be corroborated with the Law on national education.

The Executive head also pointed out that he has in view the draft law on the ratification of the convention regarding the rights of people with disabilities, a normative act conceived to raise the rights standard for people with disabilities at international level. Another project mentioned by PM Boc in his address to the Senate’s plenary referring to the Government’s legislative priorities is the one on the electronic governance and the on-line payment of taxes and duties, in the aim to simplify today’s bureaucratic procedures and ease the public staff work.

Last, but not least, the Premier also reminded the law draft on malpractice, as well as the one on state subsidies for the agricultural field, so that they will in accordance with European regulations.

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