Telephone conversations between Moldovan PM, Romania’s President and Premier

Prime Minister of the Government of the Republic of Moldova Vlad Filat had on Monday evening two telephone conversations with Romania’s President Traian Basescu and, respectively, his counterpart, Emil Boc, and the main object was the implementation of the agreements concluded on the occasion of the recent visit of the head of the Romanian state to Chisinau, the Chisinau Government announced in a release.

The talks showed that Radauti-Lipcani bridge will be put into service within ten days and that, in two weeks time ,negotiations will be launched in Bucharest referring to the Romanian side financing some infrastructure projects in the Republic of Moldova. In the four years to come, 100 million euros will be allocated to this end, in equal instalments of 25 million euros annually.

Premier Filat and President Basescu reiterated their stance on the need of interconnecting the two countries gas system and power grids in the near future. The two officials also pleaded for the further development of the relations of cooperation between the two states.

As for the discussion between Emil Boc and Vlad Filat, the two premiers reviewed the current stage of the relations between the two countries, discussed about the implementation stage of the previously concluded agreements and referred to the steps to be made in the near future. Amid them, the opening of Radauti-Lipcani bridge, as well as aspects related to the Romanian assistance for the Republic of Moldova.
These telephone conversations intervene just a few days after the Romanian President’s visit to the Republic of Moldova, occasion for the announcement of several joint projects between the two states.

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