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Agriculture Minister: Fungicides based on Initium have temporary authorization

Romania is the first country in the world temporarily authorizing, on a three-year period, fungicides based on Initium and, if scientific evidence points to some harm, this authorization shall be withdrawn, announced Minister of Agriculture Mihail Dumitru on the public TV channel.

The official stressed that the new fungicidal active substance used on vine, potatoes, tomatoes and onions crops, to protect the plants against pests, was tested by several research institutes from Romania and by the Institute for Public Health, as well as by all the other institutes in charge with the testing and certification of such products, going through all stages, both scientific and legal, as provided by the Romanian legislation harmonized with the European one.

In connection with the TVR reporter’s claim, according to which some countries in South America have refused to experiment pest control substances based on Initium, a very persistent substance in the human body which could trigger colon cancer, the Minister of Agriculture said that the experts dealing with this certification went through all the staged and tested that substance. More than that, the respective substance is tested simultaneously in some other European countries, as The Netherlands and Great Britain, where it could be certified and accepted this year.

On the Romanian market, BASF fungicides based on Initium will be available under the name of Enervin (for grapes) and Zampro – for potatoes, tomatoes, cucumbers and onion, German BASF concern informs on its web site, noting at the same time the “record time in which the new fungicides were approved in Romania”.


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