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Archbishop Ioan Robu to invite Pope Benedict XVI to visit Romania

Roman-Catholic Archbishop of Bucharest Ioan Robu will go to Rome, on Feb. 8-13, when he is to extend to Pope Benedict XVI the invitation to visit Romania.
Archbishop Robu showed optimism about incumbent Sovereign Pontiff’s possible visit to Bucharest, after that his predecessor Pope John Paul II had paid in 1999, the latter’s first visit to a mostly Christian Orthodox country.

Roman Catholic Archbishop of Bucharest Ioan Robu said that Pope John Paul Iľs visit to Bucharest had been prepared for a very long time and the talks had been taking months. ‘Coming to Bucharest was a big achievement of the Holy Pope, who was trying to visit all the Catholic communities worldwide.

It was a visit that brought us closer to each other, and Romanians belonging to any denomination were happy to welcome the Pope and it is a nice memory for the dwellers of Bucharest and for our whole nation,’ Archbishop Robu stressed.

Romania’s former Ambassador to the Vatican Marius Lazurca told in an interview in 2009 that Pope Benedict XVI wants to come for a visit to Romania, honoring thus the invitation President Traian Basescu extended to him, but that is possible only after Romanian Patriarch Daniel‘ s visit to Italy and to the Vatican, to extend to the Holy Pope the invitation on behalf of the Romanian Orthodox Church.
President Traian Basescu paid a visit to the Vatican in Sept. 2008 and during his meeting with the Sovereign Pontiff, he conveyed the Holy See the official invitation for Pope Benedict XVI to visit Romania.


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