Bechtel is contemplating collective redundancy, taking into account compensation payments too

U.S. company Bechtel on Wednesday admitted having been contemplating collective redundancy, because of the lack of funds and extensive stretches of land not being expropriated in time, so that work to continue on the same pace last year, dismissed employees following to receive two monthly salaries as compensation.

‘Payments not being operated by the state inevitably affect our liquidity flow and also our capacity to plan the future work. On the other hand, the National Company of Motorways and National Roads in Romania (CNADNR) is also failing to ensure free and unhindered access to extensive stretches of land. We will slash many of our next construction plans and we are contemplating collective redundancy,’ said a release from Bechtel.

‘We regret that we must consider such measure. We will continue consultations with trade unions and to seek solutions for keeping as many jobs as possible’, said Michael Swinford, manager of Transilvania Motorway project. The Americans argue there are currently significant payments they need to cash from the state. Also, the CNADNR could not provide information about funds available in 2010 for payment of works to be executed this year.

In the event of collective redundancy, employees will receive compensation equivalent to two monthly salaries. The process will take several months and will cease if the situation will turn into something more positive,’ Bechtel representatives said. The U.S. company on Wednesday notified Transilvania trade union of its plans to lay off all its 1,933 employees.

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