Culture Minister Kelemen, ambassador Radomirski discuss Romania-Bulgaria cooperation agreement

Romania Minister of Culture and National Heritage Kelemen Hunor and Bulgarian ambassador in Bucharest Valentin Radomirski on Tuesday discussed the implementation of a cooperation agreement between Romania and Bulgaria in the areas of education, science, culture, mass-media, youth and sports for 2009-2012, the Culture Ministry reports in a press release.

The relevant Romanian and Bulgarian ministries will set in the period immediately ahead a concrete joint action plan for the implementation of the agreement. ‘Mutual knowledge is very important if we are to get rid of prejudice, and knowing cultural values can be a solid foundation for real and valuable cooperation between Romania and Bulgaria,’ Kelemen told a meeting with Radomirski on Tuesday at the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage headquarters in Bucharest.

Mounting a painting exhibition, encouraging translations and the publication of contemporary literary works, conducting cultural exchanges between visual artists of the two countries were some of the proposals put forth by Kelemen for the implementation of the cooperation agreement. ‘We are getting through difficult economic times, but that does not mean we will not earmark funds for implementing the bilateral agreement,’ said Kelemen.

He mentioned that his Bulgarian counterpart Vejdi Rasidov invited him to attend a mega-concert in Sofia to be staged by Balkan artists to raise money for the survivors of the Haiti earthquake. ‘We would be honoured to participate in this international event and we will be requesting details so that we may select the Romanian artists to perform in the concert,’ said Kelemen.

The release quotes ambassador Radomirski as saying the bilateral relationship between Bulgaria and Romania entered a new stage with the latest political changes. The ambassador underscored the importance of news stories covering cultural events and the actions to protect the national heritage of both countries under the cooperation agreement. He also invited Kelemen to attend the play ‘Exilatii’ (The Exiles) that will be mounted by the Uivan Vazov National Theatre of Sofia in Bucharest on March 2, the National Day of Bulgaria.

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