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Emil Boc about staff shortages in institutions managing EU funds

Prime Minister Emil Boc asked on Tuesday the ministers to find out solutions for the solving of the staff shortages in institutions involved in the European funds management, so that the Executive can take a decision to this end, the Government’s Press Office informs.

Activity of some institutions dealing with the European Union funds management was examined during the meeting of the Inter-ministerial committee for the European funds management, as well as several aspects referring to the personnel needs signaled by the management authorities of the Operational Programmes.

Emil Boc announced he was going to control, in person, the management authorities of all the Operational Programmes, to analyse the activity of these institutions. The Prime Minister warned that he was to request the sacking of all employees who change the evaluation rules between the project submission moment and its approval, the Government stresses in its release.

“I vow I will get directly involved into the solving of these issues because we talk here about the European money, Romania’s credibility, our credibility as a capable Government to manage the European funds. I assure you I will take drastic measures, including the dismissal, where the time lapse is too long between the project submission for evaluation to evaluation and the contract signature”, stated Emil Boc.

The Prime Minister also said a meeting will be convened in the immediately following period with representatives of the companies in the field of consultancy for the attraction of European funds in order to find out the issues they are confronted with in the process of accessing the European funds. Within the same meeting, a report was present on the stage of implementation of the Operational Programmes financed from structural instruments.

Till Jan. 31, a number of 15,312 projects were submitted for the seven operational programmes, in value of 30.76 billion euros. Compared to the situation on Dec. 31, 2009, the number of projects rose by 422, and their value by some 703 million euros. Of the projects submitted so far, till Jan. 31, 2010, a number of 3,910 in total value of some 8.61 billion euros were approved.
A number of 2,263 financing contracts with beneficiaries were signed till Jan. 31,2010, in an eligible value of approximately 4.25 billion euros, of which the EU funds account for some 3.4 billion euros.


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