ICCJ Prosecution Office rules non-prosecution for Minister Elena Udrea

The leaders of the Chamber of Deputies decided on Wednesday to refer to the Law Committee the letter of the Prosecution Office attached to the High Court of Cassation and Justice (PICCJ) regarding the decision not to prosecute Elena Udrea and the Minister of Tourism staff, secretary Dumitru Pardau announced.

The Chamber’s secretary explained that the letter was sent for the Law Committee to take note of the document. “Practically they notified us that they looked into the case and conducted the investigation we asked for. This note was received and dispatched to the Law Committee to take cognizance of it. I can inform you that all counts the plenary meeting of the Chamber of Deputies had requested the start of prosecution for were cleared of criminal prosecution and the decision is not to prosecute for Ms. Minister Elena Udrea,” explained Pardau.

The chief prosecutor of the Prosecution Office attached to the High Court of Cassation and Justice – Criminal and forensic investigation section Marius Iacob, on Dec. 21 sent the leading team of the Chamber of Deputies a letter instructing non-prosecution for Elena Udrea and her aides with the Minister of Tourism.

PICCJ mentioned that non-prosecution was ruled for the investigation on intentional abuse of office against public interests, incitement to abuse of office against public interests, neglectful performance in office, fund embezzlement, presentation of inaccurate data to the Parliament, unjustified refusal to present the lawmaking body information and documents and conflict of interests.

PICCJ mentioned that investigations were also conducted for usurpation of authority and unauthorized change of computer-stored data by Tourism Ministry staff.
The Prosecution Office ordered non-prosecution for Elena Udrea for the aforementioned offenses because the deeds are inexistent or the constituent elements have not been met.
The chief prosecutor mentioned that if the deputies are not satisfied with the ruling they can appeal against it within 20 days since notification date. A parliamentary committee of inquiry in Minister Udrea’s case was initiated by the National Liberal Party, and the Social Democrats joined this initiative.

The committee was headed by Ludovic Orban and was made up of members Vasile Bleotu, Aura Vasile, Dumitru Chirita, Nicolae Baniciou and Robert Negoita, from the PSD+PC, Claudiu Taga and Adriana Saftoiu from PNL and Petru Lakatos from UDMR. The parliamentary groups of the PD-L and of the national minorities with the exception of UDMR did not designate members in the inquiry committee.

The committee’s task was to verify the spending of public money in the promotion campaign of Romania, in an event organized in Paris, on June 5. The committee also verified the manner in which the Ministry of Tourism concluded advertising contracts with the national private television stations for the promotion of the program “Tourist in Romania”, as well as the objectivity and legality of the financing by the Ministry of Tourism of investment projects in tourist infrastructure, the beneficiaries of which are villages and towns led by PD-L mayors.

Among the actions of the Ministry’s leadership the parliamentary committee of inquiry looked into were the programs “Lent in Bucovina” and “Light at the Seashore”, as well as the manner in which the public money for the concert of Goran Bregovici and Wedding Funeral Orchestra took place in the resort of Mamaia, on April 19, 2009.
Last but not least, the designated deputies made an inquiry on “the opportunity and legality of “the spending of the public money allocated for the traveling, accommodation and daily allowance of the journalists accredited at the Tourism Ministry, on the occasion of the participation of Minister Elena Udrea in the domestic and foreign events.”

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