Just 10 pct of citizens involved in volunteer work, study reveals

A percentage of 60 percent of Romania’s adult population made a donation last year, but just 10 percent of the citizens were involved in volunteer work, according to some social involvement studies, quoted by Anca Harasim, director of the American Chamber of Commerce in Romania, one of the organizers of People for people Gala, a programme awarding year-on-year the social implication projects.

As for the average donated amount by an individual last year, this is of some 50 lei and, after religion, social services and health care are most frequently aided by Romanians, whereas environment protection and civic education have a marginal place. Utilization of the article, according to which contributors can re-direct 2 percent of their income tax to a non-profit entity, is known at urban level by some 50 percent of the population and 20 percent of them used it in the past year.

The re-directed amount in 2009 (for 2008 fiscal year) stood at more than 100 million lei, twice as much as against the previous year. As regards the social implication at corporate level, 90 percent of citizens think that the business sector should get involved into social projects and for more than 60 percent of citizens the job option is also influenced by the respective company’s social involvement profile.

Now in its seventh edition, the People for people Gala, organized by the American Chamber of Commerce in Romania and the Association for Community Relations, plans to award this year, as well, sponsor programmes, individual donations, fund-raising campaigns, public volunteer campaigns and corporate volunteer work, or individual initiatives of mobilizing resources.

“The Gala wishes to promote good practice examples as regards the community implication, with all what it means. We want to highlight these things, to encourage a charitable behavior”, stated on Wednesday Madalina Marcu, PR coordinator of this event. 2010 edition of this Gala will take place on March 11, awarding projects run over the period Sept. 2008 – Dec. 2009.


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