Nokia’s Jucu facility expands activity, hires personnel

The Nokia plant in Jucu (Cluj County, country northwest) expands its production activity and is also hiring personnel, Grigore Pop, president of trade union confederation CNS Cartel Alfa Cluj said on Wednesday, announcing also that the bargaining agreement was finalized and the workers’ pays were increased.

“We completed negotiations on the bargaining agreement at Nokia. What is gratifying is that Nokia further hires personnel and moves to another development stage, when it will produce integrated circuits in its Jucu-based facility,’ Grigore Pop told. He said that hiring had already begun and that about 200 people would join the 1,600 persons currently working at the Jucu-sited facility of the Finnish company and the approximately 500 people employed under a time-limited contract.

Grigore Pop said that negotiations with the Nokia plant management resulted in a 4 pct wage increase as of January 1 and of 5 pct starting April 1 1, 2010 respectively. The unions also obtained an Easter bonus for each employee, an extra break and a quarterly performance bonus. The bargaining agreement is valid for one year and the additional act agreed upon by the parties was registered on Wednesday with the Cluj Labor Department.

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