PM Boc: Devolved institutions managers situation, regulated by Parliament

Devolved institutions where two managers are now in office will be covered under a new law passed by Parliament that will translate the relevant Constitutional Court decision into practice, Prime Minister Emil Boc said in Sibiu, on Wednesday.

‘I will resolve the two managers per devolved institution problem, in conformity with the legislation in force. The regulation to be carried out by Parliament will aim to apply the Constitutional Court decision ,’ Boc added. The prime minister met on Wednesday at the Sibiu Prefect’s Office (north-west of Bucharest), all devolved institutions managers, with a large number of these telling journalists that they do not know how long they can hold their offices.
All managers of institutions under the Sibiu Prefect’s Office authority attended the meeting with Emil Boc, but many of them said they had taken a medical leave until further clarifications.

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